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It is important to create a database in private subnets in a VPC and not to expose it to internet, however it is challenging to connect to a private database instance and create the initial Schema and seed the database. This Query Lambda addresses this consern. This repo contains code for a Lambda function written in NodeJS and a SAM template to deploy it.

The Lambda function makes use of best practices of getting the secrets from Secrets Manager and using Layers for MySQL Package.


AWS Account and IAM user with necessary permissions for creating Lambda, aws cli, SAM cli, configure IAM user with necessary programmatic permissions, RDS MySQL database in a VPC. Please install and configure above before going further

  • You can incur charges in your AWS Account by following this steps below
  • The code will deploy in us-west-2 region, change it where ever necessary if deploying in another region

After downloading the repo in the terminal Change Directory to repo directory and follow the steps for

  • Change Directory into Layer/nodejs folder and run
npm install mysql --save 

or Manually Create the Lambda function and create a layer and add it to Lambda function

  • Create Secret for RDS MySQL Database you have created in the Secrets Manager (in the same region)

Lambda Function Usage

Once lambda is deployed you can make use of Testing built in the Lambda console to interact with database. The function expects three inputs Quesry String – querystr, Database Name – dbname, Secret Manager’s Secret – secret

You can configure test events as follows

{"querystr": "CREATE DATABASE sampledb2", "dbname": "sampledb", "secret": "dbsecret"}
{"querystr": "CREATE TABLE customers (name VARCHAR(255), address VARCHAR(255))", "dbname": "sampledb","secret": "dbsecret"}
{"querystr": "INSERT INTO customers (name, address) VALUES ('Rama', 'Whitefield Bangalore')", "dbname": "sampledb", "secret": "dbsecret"}
{"querystr": "SELECT * FROM customers","dbname2": "sampledb","secret": "dbsecret"}
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