About CaveatWisdom

Have ever thought “If I had known about this earlier, I would have done better”, CaveatWisdom is all about it. Cloud Technologies are ever evolving and they are becoming more and more complex. This blog is a small, at the same time sincere effort to explain the Caveats in the vast ocean of Cloud Technology and apply the Wisdom of best practices to get best out of the Cloud.

About RamaKrishna Ponnaluri

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RamaKrishna is a Philomath – “Lover of Learning and Seeker of Wisdom”. An Engineer, Architect, Developer and Trainer.

He has 22+ years of experience in various technologies including Industrial Automation, Energy Domain, IoT, Industry 4.0 and Cloud Computing. He has architected enterprise solutions for various industry segments.

He trains Architects, Developers, Software Engineers and Data Engineers on Cloud Technologies from Foundational level to Professional Level.

He believes in continuously challenging the status quo, experiment and adopt to the change. He believes that every individual should adopt the change for success and meet the market expectations. He is sure that any person can unlock his limitless potential to adopt the change if he is given right perspective of Knowledge and Skills.

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